Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jewelry Colors

Jewelry Colors

  What are your favorites?

A long time ago, I had "my colors done". That means someone put colored drapes around my neck and determined which "season" I am. Turns out I'm a "winter". Skin color: pinkish, whitish and that means true reds look good on me but  not orange-reds.

It also means that blues and purples and certain color greens (again not orange-green or olive greens) are in my color pallet. It really explained a phenomenon that I saw with a good friend when I was in high school. She loved anything brown, I didn't. I loved anything green, she did not. One day when I was picking out a blouse as a gift for her, I saw a great looking blouse in green. Fortunately, it also came in brown. She loved it!

Well, this extends to your choices of color in jewelry. You may notice, I use a lot of blue in my designs. The above bracelet is perfect for my "winter" season.

However, what about my friend from high school? Unfortunately, she is still in Rochester, NY and I don't see her anymore. If I did, I'd ask her about this bracelet. I don't even have her email address to check.

So, that brings me to all of you. Surely, at least one of you has similar coloring or preferences as my friend did. Do you prefer gold jewelry or silver jewelry? Do you like yellow or orange or olive green instead of blues, purples or forest green?

Here is an example of a piece made for someone who ask me to make a bracelet in different colors than I am used to making.
I like it, as do many others but I probably wouldn't  wear it. (For one thing none of my clothes go with it)  However, it looks great on my friend's tan skin.

A specific advantage of knowing the Jewelry Designer, is being able to ask for (and get) different colors, a slightly different design or a different size. I make things to fit me. (In case they don't sell) but I know that some of you have smaller/larger wrists or prefer shorter/longer necklaces as well as different colors.  Just ask....

Here is my favorite "color change" request.  This design lends itself to many different colors. Here are some, cobalt, sapphire, emerald and red.
Then there is yellow, orange and olive green too.  ;-)
The cobalt version is available on my website. Of course, you can have it in different colors, just by asking

When I first started making "videos", I made this one showing how you could choose a different color to make it special for you.  I'm hoping that you will take advantage of this "perk" for knowing the Jewelry Designer. (There is no sound and some of the pictures are not very good, but I think you can get the idea.)

I hope to hear from you this week with your favorite colors for jewelry or special requests.
If you let me know your favorite colors, I can then get out of my "winter" rut and make some new pieces in your "season".

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