Thursday, July 28, 2011

Twist and Curve Earrings

Twist and Curve Earrings

You may have noticed that these earring were called "Fancy Earrings" last week. I decided mid-week to change the name to "Twist and Curve".  Does that sound better? Not?  Any other suggestions?
If you are in the northeast, you know how hot it was last week. I got through to Thursday. Then on Friday (an apt name, Fri-day, get it?) we went to the movies in the afternoon to get cool. The car thermometer said 105 when we pulled into the parking lot.. (Outside temperature)
Anyhow, it was a good week to spend time indoors and so I made several of the, now, "Twist and Curve" earrings. I really like the twisting part. Getting the silver wire the right length is also a challenge.
I love how designs "just happen".  After twisting a length of wire twice as long as needed (to make sure the twist is the same for each earring) I cut it in half. Now, I know you need to cover any little piece of wire you cut off but this was four inches long. So I wasn't as careful. Mistake! It flew somewhere, I know not where. I'm still looking for it. So, the result is the cute little short piece on the Violet bead earring. (From the piece that didn't fly away) And thus a "new" design as all the rest of the twists needed to be changed too.
I mentioned last week that I would be going through my stash of beads. The beads in this pair are from the three row leather bracelet," Oceania". They would go very nicely as a "set".

I've been so busy making new earrings that I've neglected taking good pictures. I like a nice white background so the piece is the focal point.  It is hard enough to get one earring to lay nicely  let alone a pair, so I settled for just one. With my camera manual and camera in hand, sitting in my chair, I took this picture of this one earring.  (The white background is a pant leg ;-)
Still need some work on pictures! This is better but not good.
This bead (from my stash) is pear shape, Czech glass, in green with flowers.

These are not up on the website yet but I hope to get them there this week. I really need to work on getting good pictures first. The price will be $25.00


  1. Twist and curve is perfect. I love the designs you created! Last week was so brutal and I do not have air conditioning in my house! Luckily this week is much better. Good luck with the photos. Jewelry is so difficult to photograph! ~Val

  2. Val, glad you like the earring designs. You had the same weather as we did. Fortunately, this week is better.