Thursday, August 11, 2011

30th Annual Balloon Rally Pittsfield, NH

30th Annual Balloon Rally

  Pittsfield, NH
Not sure if any of you would notice but this post is late. (I usually have the post sent at 5:00 AM on Tuesday morning. It is now past 10 AM and I'm just starting.)
We were away this past weekend. Some of you know that the first weekend in August is the Pittsfield, NH Balloon Rally. We go up on Thursday and come back Monday so we miss the the weekend traffic. Several of you have even flown with us.
Anyhow, being away for an extended weekend has put me behind in both making new designs and writing my weekly post. But we had lots of fun and enjoyed our 16th Rally (out of 30) It is tradition in the Carlson Family. The sponsorship has extended to be Carlson Family and Friends. Everyone helps "crew" and "chase".  That is almost as much fun as flying. Lots of stories ....
The balloon we have sponsored for the last 10 years is the Irish Rover. Flights are dependent on the weather. One year, no one when up at all. Not fun. This year it was 50 %. We went up Friday night and then Saturday morning. (It was too windy Saturday night and it rained Sunday morning) The Saturday morning flight was great. Went up and landed, swapped passengers and went up again. We had several "first timers" who always get special treatment. (Baptized with champagne after the flight) No one seems to mind after the experience of flying in a balloon!
I did not take many pictures this year since I left my camera where we were staying but last year I made a little Power Point video and you can watch it here.
It shows the whole procedure of inflating the balloon up until it gets packed up, ready for the next flight.
I hope you enjoy it. 

Until next week,


  1. Wait - did you get a ride in the balloon? I thought you helped - I dunno - launch it and help when it landed. Or something.

  2. I've flown before but not this year.