Friday, August 19, 2011

Making a new Bracelet, Funny Story

Our family has one of those "family jokes" most people have. I was quite young when it happened so I don't remember the specifics but most of it.

The first part of the story is the name of the store where it occurred.  Weed and Company. Anyhow, my Grandfather went into Weed's to purchase something (part of what I do not remember). He saw just one on the shelf and took it over to buy it. He was then told (and this is the funny part) he could not buy it.
"Why?" my Grandfather asked. The reply: "Because we wouldn't have any left in stock"

Well, it isn't a thigh slapper story but you have to admit it is funny.

I was reminded of the story today when I started making a new bracelet today. (The one half way finished in the above picture). I was fortunate to sell four last week and this was one of the replacements. I was making the first section which determines the length. I do have a list of materials for the bracelet. Twenty-six 6 mm beads. Now that sounds like enough information but 6 mm beads do vary in actual length. Enough so that if you have 26 beads the total length can be significant.

Usually, I have one on hand to use as a guide for the length. But remember, I told you I had sold 4 last week. Yikes, my total inventory. Now what? I had sold the last one in stock!  Oh, no!

Well, fortunately, as you can see by the picture, I found one to use as a measure. It is mine. I had forgotten about it.

It really isn't that critical since people have different sized wrists. But why spoil a good story with the lack of a few facts??  - Another "family joke"


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