Monday, July 4, 2011

Cosmic Ring Pendant

One of my favorite Ring by Ring Designs' pieces is the  Signature Pendant.

This week I am featuring a variation of the Signature Pendant. It is a little fancier because it has the addition of a Swarovski Cosmic Ring. It has some "bling".

There are many different colors of the Swarovski Cosmic Ring. This picture shows only three of the choices. On the left is "Crystal Volcano" The middle one is "Jet" and the one on the right is "Bermuda Blue".
I took this picture awhile ago and just noticed that the Crystal Volcano version has a big "boo boo". One of the rings in not closed correctly. Now, I suspect that if I had not pointed that out, you may not have even noticed but boy, I did and probably will take another pcture with the ring closed.
The Cosmic Ring Pendant comes with a  16, 18,  or 20 inch long Sterling Silver Chain made in Italy as the Signature Pendant does and  can be purchased here: Cosmic Ring Pendant. Remember to choose the length you would like.
I'm always looking for suggestions. Either other pieces you would like to see or different colors. What ever you would like to see.


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