Monday, June 29, 2009

Red Sox vs the Washington Nationals 6/23/09

Last Tuesday was my husband's birthday. Our son-in-law had obtained two tickets for that night for the Boston Red Sox vs the Washington Nationals. They asked if we would like to go as a birthday present for him. I could go along too.

So, as I told about yesterday, we took the train to DC so we could see the game Tuesday.

If you read the post you know about the Metro accident in DC. (Actually, you need to be hiding under a rock if you live in the US to not know about that whether you read my post or not) My daughter lives about 30 minutes (according to Google maps) from National Park. Hmm... try 1 and 1/2 hours! We missed the first two innings. The score was 1-1 when we got there. So she dropped us off and went back home. (only to have to come back at the end of the game) We have a great daughter! Fortunately, neither her ride back home nor picking us up and returning again were that bad. The lack of Red line service sure did mess up traffic. We were, however, able to do some sightseeing as we crawled along. We saw the back of the White House, the Capital, Washington Monument and lots of other famous buildings.

It is common for the Red Sox to draw lots of fans on the road. I would guess it was about 50-50. Certainly by the noise maybe more or maybe Red Sox fans are just louder. Up to the 7th inning the score was very close. Then the Sox got to former Sox pitcher, Julian Tavares. Tavares is one of my favorite former pitchers. A really likable character. The final score was 11-3.

The attendance was a record for the Nationals (only to be broken in each of the next two games in the series)

We had great seats in the President's Club. Between home plate and the Red Sox dugout. And right below us was Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. White shirt and full head of gray hair. We watched as he talked with many people who came by to say hello.

The National's Park is really nice. There are lots of things going on. So much so, it is sometimes hard to watch the game. The score board is huge and it takes several innings to find all the information available.

I guess you can tell that we had a good time. The Sox won the game on Wednesday before another record crowd. They lost on Thursday, again to another record crowd. The National's owners really like to have the Red Sox and other good teams come to town, except for the fact that they are having a loosing season.

When we were leaving the park, being on the third level, all down elevators were full coming down. One of the employees directed us to get on when the elevator stopped going up and come back down. So we pushed to the back and went up. More got on at each level until we reached the top. Then two more squeezed on. We recognized them, Don Orsillo and Dave Roberts. They were doing the play by play for NESN (New England Sports Network) The Boston broadcasters.
Fun to see them in person. They often talk about how they quickly get out of the ball parks to head home after the games. Dave Roberts made "The Steal" in the 9th inning of Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS against the Yankees. The Sox went on to win the ALCS and the World Series. First since 1918. They made their quick exit before we could see any more of them.

So, off we went to meet our daughter and go home (local home) after another great day.

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