Wednesday, June 3, 2009

For Richer for Poorer in Sickness and Health - Part 2

(Be sure to read part 1 from yesterday)

Monday morning came with repeating the process of getting up, not getting dressed and the procession of DH helping me down stairs and serving me breakfast in my favorite chair. Cereal and OJ. Then I got the message from the Urgent care doctor that the radiologist had read the x-ray and found a fracture and I needed to call for an appointment with an orthopedist. In Sickness and Health ...

So, I called my Primary Care doctor and after several transfers, I had an appointment for 11:45 AM.

Now, that meant I had to get dressed. I immediately decided that one piece of clothing would be eliminated. With DH's help I got dressed. Hardest part was choosing appropriate articles of clothing. Short sleeve pull over shirt (loose sleeve too) Then, I had a brilliant idea. Elastic waist pants. In Sickness and Health ...

Off we went to the doctor's office. Now if you ever want to feel better about what ever is wrong with you, visit the waiting room of an orthopedic surgeon! Nuf said...

Shortly, 45 minutes later, we went into the office. There were my x-rays. Bony fingers! My engagement and wedding rings showed up very clearly. At first, I thought the circle was around the fracture. Wrong spot.

The doctor came in, showed me the little line that was the fracture. He removed the splint I had on, looked at my hand and said,

"This bone is very soft and the fracture is really a 'nuisance' "


Translated: I didn't need surgery or a cast but a different splint. The new splint is more comfortable. So, $20 co-pay and two hours of our time later, we were back home. In Sickness and Health ...

I have a follow up appointment in 3 weeks. Today, my hand feels much better. Swelling is down and I've only had 2 Aspirin all day. Still hard to do things but a sure sign I'm feeling better, I called to make an appointment for a shampoo and hair cut.

Tomorrow, I'll work on something else I can do. With many thanks to my wonderful DH and In Sickness and Health ...

B and


  1. Wow,Bev! You had a couple of rough days. No jewelry making for you for a while I guess. Glad you are doing better and that you are starting to heal. Let your DH pamper you a bit. Glad you are still up to blogging!

  2. Too bad about not being able to make jewelry but thank goodness you can type one handed! That hubby of yours is a treasure.

  3. "That hubby of yours is a treasure." That is an understatement!
    He never reads my blog and would be embarrassed if he saw what I wrote. Not upset (or I wouldn't have written it) but more like "What else should I do?" Surprised anyone would think it unusual. He still opens car doors for me.

  4. I thought today - Bev hasn't posted in a long time . . .
    Only to realize you weren't in my reader anymore. I don't know what happened but this is what I find when I add you back and come to check on you? Couldn't stay out of trouble, could you? Lol!
    Sorry about your spill, glad it's not too bad. Not getting dressed and being waited on could really become a habit. :)