Monday, June 22, 2009

Amtrak trip from Boston to DC

Monday, we took my grandson off to his last day of school. Then my daughter dropped us off at the railroad station and we were off to visit our oldest daughter near Washington, DC. The trip was very relaxing and seemed to go by quickly even though we were a half hour late. The ride along the NE corridor from Boston, MA to DC is fun to watch. The shore line in CT is full of moored sail boats, marshes, bridges and other picturesque views.

As you get close to NY City the landscape changes to buildings both industrial and residential. You do no get to see the skyline of the city as you go under it mostly. I took lots of pictures along the way.

Next big city was Philadelphia. We used to live in Downingtown, PA. Way back in the late 60's we went into Philadelphia on the 4th oh July. At that time, on the 4th, they opened the elevator so you could go up in Wm Penn's statue on top of City Hall. At that time, they did not allow any buildings to be taller than Wm Penn's statue. Boy has that changed! I wanted to get a picture of the statue because it certainly has been dwarfed! Taking a picture from a moving train is fun at best and this was a challenge. Trees got in the way, buildings got in the way of our view of the Philadelphia skyline. So I took lots of pictures. I think I got at least one of Wm Penn, small though he may be now.

If you look very closely, you can see City Hall with the statue of Wm Penn on the top on the very left of all the buildings.

The second part of this story is that soon after we went up, they no longer allowed anyone to go up in the tower. Probably because they had to take several "runs" to get all the way up to the top floor. It included asking several people to get off. My husband was one who climbed up to the floor above to allow the elevator to come up all the way. The view was great, however! But we were not surprised when they stopped.

Next came Baltimore and the next contestants for the Super Nanny show boarded. Enough said, you can fill in the blanks for yourself.

My daughter was waiting for us as we entered the main part of the station in DC. Then we had to find her car. Up one set of escalators, then another set that looked like it was going up to the sky. That was not the case as there was another set of equal height. Yep, we were on the top floor.

It was then that we found out that one Red Line Metro train had rear ended another train several hours before. The result was an extra mess in normal rush hour traffic. Many people were walking. Long story short, it took us a long time to get to our daughter's house. We eventually found out that 9 people were killed in the accident and has messed up DC's traffic for several days while the NTSB investigates the accident.

We then had a nice dinner, talked and caught up on the family news and off to bed.


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  1. Eventful trip - and I think I saw the statue!