Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back to being two handed.

On Monday I had my appointment with the Doctor about my wrist. After a new X-ray, he pronounced that my "nuisance" fracture was indeed healed. However, my thumb is a bit swollen and I can't bend it like I could before. Same with the wrist area.

"Well, you do have arthritis in your thumb and many of your fingers" Hmm... so, after being given some exercises to help that, I'm as good as can be - for now. Touching your thumb to each of your fingers is one exercise, squeezing a Nurf ball and trying to pull out a piece of paper held between your thumb and finger was the third.

I'm supposed to still use the brace at night. I can now do things I couldn't recently. For example, I can now type with both hands. Still make mistakes typing so it wasn't just because I was using only one hand to type. (I think I really knew that already) I was able to put on a necklace and bracelet this morning. (Still have one dressing item that I can't do. Check out my blogging buddy's post for a hint on her blog, A Bead a Day) And tying my shoes is still a problem. But I'm making progress.

Funny thing when I thought, "Now I can make some jewelry" I didn't know where to start. So I'll have to get organized again.

Off to do some hand exercises and get organized again.


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  1. It's nice to regain the use of one of your appendages, isn't it? What a pain! The article of clothing you're having trouble with can be tricky with two good hands (and wrists) so I'm not surprised it's still a problem! Lol! I like the reference to Maxine!