Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Key Holder

I would have included a picture of Dora the Explorer saying "I did it!" if I wasn't worried about copyright problems.

While watching the procedure wasn't pretty, I made some jewelry today. Well, nothing intricate. In fact I only opened and closed one jump ring. The jump ring isn't even closed well but it is closed. I don't think I would do more than one this way. The result is pretty.

Auntie's Beads newsletter had a cute idea this week. They showed pieces for making a key holder that keeps your keys from getting lost at the bottom of your purse. Inspirational. I think I would have liked it even if it wasn't so simple to make that you can almost make it with one hand. The heart pendant hangs outside your purse and the keys stay safely in the inside of the purse.

Oh, yes, my husband had to put the keys on the ring.


www.bevsjewelry.com and www.bevsjewelry.1000markets.com


  1. Progress!! Glad that you are starting to use your healing hand again. It's a start.

  2. Oh that IS cute! And yes, I just fling my keys into the bottom of my purse and have to hunt for them.