Tuesday, December 16, 2008

CA observations by a North Easterner

Just thought I'd post some observations of California, from my point of view, as someone from the northeast.

We saw some nice looking wind farms on the way from Pleasanton to Modesto. (See MA, they don't look bad. In fact they were nice to look at while we were driving along the highway. Maybe MA should try them)

My son cut the grass on Saturday (We, in MA, haven't cut the grass since late October)

There are red roses blooming outside, plus pansies and snap dragons and all sorts of "spring" flowers.

The weather man said there was a cold spell coming this weekend. The high is going to maybe reach 50. Actually they predicted snow above 1,000 feet in elevation. (Note it was 52 in Boston, MA)

There are palm trees in northern CA. I thought they were just in southern CA. Not so, I guess.

Many "regular" trees still have their leaves. (They have to rake well into January, I guess)

Unless you ski, you don't have boots or really warm coats either.

Last night my grandson said "It is going to hail tomorrow" We all wondered how he came to that conclusion. But when we looked out side this afternoon we saw:

The hail stones do not show very well but they were there!

Well, we should be on our way home by now. I'll post more later when I have adjusted to the "jet lag"



  1. Woke up to two inches of snow and 10 degrees here in Kansas this a.m. Would love some of that 50 degree weather.

    Wind farms are very beautiful. They are a controversial issue here In Kansas - some want them, others think they will ruin the view of the prairies. I personally like them.

  2. Bev-Sounds like a nice trip-glad you made it home safely. I remember seeing the wind farms when I was on the way to SanFran from LA and I had never seen those before. There were tons of them. Also, miles and miles of cows on a cattle farm-another thing I'd never seen before-sorta made me ill as I knew their fate. Not really a red meat eater much anymore because of that and just don't care for how I feel after eating it.

    I heard it snowed in Las Vegas this morning on the news-strange weather we're having!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!