Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Up, up and Away!

We are off.... to California!

My son's birthday, a grandson's and granddaughter's birthdays are all in December. (Makes for interesting Holiday planning) Anyhow, we were invited to help celebrate this year and of course we said OK!

So, today we are on a flight to SFO. San Francisco. Only with a my raincoat - no boot, winter coat, scarf and gloves. Makes airplane traveling easier with out all those trappings. When you go in a car, you can always just throw those things in the back seat.

However, since it is a 6 hour flight, I'm disappointed not to be able to take some of my jewelery supplies with me. I've been told they frown on such things as wire cutters and pliers. Almost impossible to make something with out those items.

So, I'll be taking my Kumihimo disk, loaded with beads and bobbins. They are all plastic and the bobbins should keep the beads secure. My other, very real fear, is having little seed beads all over aisle. How embarrassing would that be?

So, I may be not posting for awhile as we enjoy our trip and family.



  1. Hey Bev- Don't know if you'll be checking your blog while you're in CA, but just in case-hope you have a wonderful time in SanFran and enjoy your trip!

    Lot of love,

  2. Have a great trip Bev. It's always great to be able to spend time with family. I bought some old airline trays (from American Science and Surplus)for working on my bead projects at home, they keep my beads from going everywhere, and I have several for different projects that I work on. Maybe you can ask for an extra tray for your flight to contain all those seed beads. :o)

  3. Really? I always take beadwork stuff on the plane. I don't use pliers- I imagine those need to be packed in your checked luggage. But, I have gotten through security just fine with bunches of beading needles. And, I bring nail clippers to cut my thread. It works! :D

  4. Yes, it just annoys me we can't even take small pliers on board. I am considering taking some seed beads and those dental floss needles to do some bead work. Your idea of kumihimo discs is a great one!

    Enjoy your holiday!