Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Romanov Chain Maille

Awhile ago I mentioned that one of the reasons I liked the Byzantine pattern of Chain Maille was that it was so versatile and you could make many different patterns from the basic Byzantine segment.

Well, here is another example. (The one I showed was Olivia - on Nov 7) By just joining the segments in a different way you can come up with the one shown here. It is usually called the Romanov pattern.

To make it a little more fancy, I added Hematite beads in the center.

Many other variations exist. I have one with cobalt beads and one made with different size rings and on it goes.

Which do you prefer the Olivia or Romanov?



  1. I vote for the Romanov simply because there are beads to add beautiful accents!

  2. I guess you could add beads to Olivia if you tinkered with the size of the rings. Everyone loves it when you add beads to chain maille. I really should take the "hint"

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