Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pop on Top Bracelets

Pop on Top Bracelets
(new ones)
When we lived in Hemlock, NY I used to teach several different sewing classes at a fabric store in Honeoye. One of the perks of the class was that I was always making shirts for my family to show how it was done.
I demonstrated how to cut, sew and finish, usually shirts with ribbed necks (above) or the more popular collar and placket 3 button openings. My husband still wears some. (He never throws out anything - but that is another story)
When I taught Kumihimo for the Beading group at the Ames Library recently, I found a similar perk. I now have 3 new bracelets.
It took me awhile to actually finish them with clasps since I really only showed finishes and did not do it in the class time. Now I've finished them!!!
I used the pattern from Sally Battis that she calls "Pop on Top".
I've made Kumihimo bracelets with the long Magatama beads before and I really like them but sometimes they seem a bit thick and bulky to wear.
This pattern uses seed beads for the bottom part
and the Magatama beads to "Pop on the Top" of the bracelet. You may notice that I used different beads in this example and not Magatamas. Good catch!
Now that these are finished, I've added them to my website. You can see/purchase them here.

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