Monday, October 28, 2013

Where's Waldo?

Where's Waldo?
or a pair of earrings?
Not sure about you but I have a habit of removing my jewelry after I sit down in my comfy chair and putting the pieces in a dish on the table next to me. It works well until I want to put on a pair the next day. That's when I'm reminded of "Where's Waldo?"
Really, can you see a pair of earrings in that dish? I keep picking an earring, one at a time, until I find a pair. (Most are silver but have different designs. So, they do look almost alike)

Which reminds me of the question "In the dark,if you have 6 different color pairs of socks in a drawer, how many pairs do you need to pull out to make sure you have a matching pair?"  (I'll post the answer at the end)
So, I decided to pull everything out of the dish and just see what's what.
It was easy to sort out the bracelet and two necklaces and yes the rings were easy too. The earrings, not so much. The pearls kept rolling for more fun.
Here is a picture after I matched things.

I know, looks about the same because it is hard to see in the picture. I will tell you that some did not make a pair. See the lonely copper earring on the top left?
To be fair, I must admit that in addition to the dish, there is a pile of jewelry next to the dish. Mostly heavier necklaces and bracelets but I found a few earrings hiding in the pile. Here is a picture, with the additions, sorted out.
I didn't find the missing copper earring but I did find another pair of copper earrings, plus several other pairs. The pearls kept rolling even though the surface was fairly flat. One pair ended up in the rings.
I would love to say I did something "smart" once they were sorted but I put them back in the dish, a little more organized. I know, they are still in the "Where's Waldo?" mess.
I discovered something else, they need to be cleaned. Next project.
I've been busy making other things and the cleaning will come soon. I usually have a fall cleaning of all my silver pieces. The humidity is gone and they'll stay clean longer.
Oh, to answer my question about the 6 different colored socks, you need to pull out 6 pairs of socks to make sure you have a matching pair. Did you "get" that?
So, am I the only one with "messy" jewelry storage like this?
Until next time,

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