Monday, November 25, 2013

Jewelry Classes

Jewelry Classes
from Ring by Ring Designs (me)
Most of you are aware that in addition to jewelry designing and producing different pieces, I love to teach, especially Chain Maille and lately Kumihimo.
Lots of people ask me "Why teach people how to do what you do?"
Well, that is rather simple, well, sort of simple. First many people are not willing to pay the price, particularly, for the Chain Maille that I make. Showing them how will either get one of two results.
They love it as much as I do and are very pleased with their results or else, they now realize how much time it takes and how it is not as easy as they thought.
That response usually brings them to the appreciation of the amount of work that goes into Chain Maille (plus and maybe most important, the cost of the silver used).
Now, they will understand the prices I have to charge for a piece of hand made Chain Maille. Some have even said I don't charge enough. :-)
I've been able to share Kumihimo lately with the local Easton Library Beaders.
A very great group to teach who have taken the craft in many directions. I also teach Kumihimo at Beadcache, a local bead store in Mansfield, MA.
Kumihimo can have completely different looks depending on the choice of materials used. The bracelet above is made with seed beads.
This necklace is made with strands of fibers and has a shell pendant attached.
This bracelet used long Magatama beads and seed beads.
I've also taught at my home. Makes it easier for me.
Awhile ago (you can tell by the quality)  I made a short video of some choices for a specific Chain Maille Bracelet. Click here or on the picture to see the video.
Anyone interested let me know.

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