Monday, November 11, 2013

Spiro Pendant Revisited again

Spiro Pendant
Revisited again
Awhile ago I showed the new Spiro Pendant I had made. It was available in several colors and I showed a picture of the crystals but not made up.
Since then I was able to make up three more. Well, one is in the same color, one in green and one in Golden Shadow.
Here is the original color I showed, Bermuda Blue:

and here is Green
Bermuda Blue shown on a chain
OK, where is a picture of th Golden Shadow?
Well, I hate to admit it but my comfy chair ate it! I'm not kidding. We turned the chair upside down and looked in all the crevices, flash light in hand and it is no where to be found. Darn! I dropped it while sitting in the chair, on the left side and abracadabra it disappeared.
I did find several missing beads, a dime, and some legos but no Spiro. Go figure.
Well, I've added these two to the website. Hope you will enjoy having them available.

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