Monday, September 23, 2013

New Rings

New Rings
I've never made many rings to sell. I like to make them for myself, however. The main reason is that there are so many different sizes. Of course you can always wear a small ring on your pinkie or a large ring on your pointer finger.
I'm going to make some new rings now and forget about the problem of many sizes. :-)
You may remember the Chain Maille ring I featured in January called "The Perfect Ring" I featured it on a post you can see here
You may order by clicking here. I still suggest we talk about sizing first. Email questions to me
One of the easiest things to work around the sizing problem is to make them adjustable. I made a few wire rings that fill that bill.

Then I made one when I was learning about  "Playing with Wire"You can see that post too. This one is slightly adjustable.
So, I'm on to Chapter 2 of ring making.
I've mentioned that I have been teaching Kumihimo at the Ames Free Library Bead Group. At our last meeting we discussed future things we would like to learn or teach. I thought about the adjustable rings I mentioned and they liked the idea. We were able to come up with 10 different projects so that  everyone could share their skills. What a group!

As things will, the very next day I found a reference in an email to "making easy wire rings with beads" A YouTube tutorial. Wow, just what I needed. So following the tutorial I made these rings.It isn't hard and I decided it would be fun to make more. This is made in my size, of course, but sizing didn't seem to be a problem and the variations would be endless. Different colors, bead sizes etc.
Let me know your ring size and color preferences and I'll make one just for you!

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