Monday, September 9, 2013

Need a quick gift?

Need a quick gift?
(I have them!)
The other day I had a call from a friend. She needed a quick gift for a co-worker. Did I have any thing that would fill the bill? I asked her price range and when she came over, I had two drawers of suggestions.
We decided on earrings. I asked her the color she would like. Blue. So, I pulled out any that had blue in them or would go with blue.
Success! My customer liked the earrings and I was told later, that her friend did too.
I've posted about earrings before. You can see the "Lots of Earrings" post here.
Of course, there are other things available for quick gifts. One of my favorites is the Glass Dome Pendant collection.These can be a very personal gift. The person's initial or a specific favorite flower, location, sport, hobby etc. The music G-Clef is a popular choice.
Note: these pendants do have a glass dome that doesn't show in the picture due to the extreme shininess and glare. See more in the video on the right hand column or on the website.
If you live close enough to come over, that is a great way to choose that special gift. Not only can you see items in person, you can walk out with your purchase.
If not, email me your request and I can send pictures that will fill the bill.
An other idea Pendants
There are many styles to choose from.
For other gift ideas check out the other videos on the right or the Ring by Ring Designs' shop on line.

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