Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kumihimo Necklace: How to?

Kumihimo Necklace: How to ?
It seems that I run into times that I just don't get much done in the "creating" line. This is one of those times. So, what happens to the subject for my weekly posts?
I'll share a little secret with you. Around 4 - 6 AM on Monday mornings, I lay in bed and think... about what I might say. (I often lay in bed thinking on other mornings, too) Most often I come up with something easily. Today (Monday) not so easily. Finally, I decided to share one of my unfinished projects that I have.
I love this bracelet. Those of you who see me often will recognize that because I wear it often. So, the next project for me was to make a matching necklace.
The bracelet is made from a kit from Sally Battis and I figured I could order two bracelet kits and make a necklace. What I didn't figure, ahead of time, was that Sally includes the length cord for a bracelet. - Not a necklace, even if you order two kits. Well, duh!
So, I now have a bracelet size piece. Plus another bracelet size piece. But can I still make them into a necklace?
I could just order more from Sally (I'm sure she would send me the proper length cords) but could I do something else?
My plan is to take the two "bracelet" pieces and put a pretty clasp on two ends, (hooking the two bracelets together) then add a chain to the other ends and voila, I'll have a necklace.
The pretty clasp will be in the middle as a focal and the chain around the neck.

The thickness of the braid, really, is too much to go comfortably around the neck anyhow. Other similar necklaces I've made all have a chain around the neck. This also, allows you to vary the length of the necklace. This is a feature I love. Not only for selling to different people, but for me to be able to adjust the length for different clothing styles.
I should be able to finish the necklace by next week so I'll show the finished product then. Saying that in print gives me the motivation to get it done!   ;-)
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