Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lots of Earrings

The swirl earrings I showed last week inspired me to make more. I've been getting better with the swirls and tried some different looks. Plus I made some twisted earrings that I've made before.
Here is a pair like the one from last week.
The color is more blue than shows in the picture.
Then I tried some Antique Bronze swirls in two different colors. I need some earrings to go with the wire wrapped pendants I have using Antique Bronze wire.
Here are some red ones. This pattern could be made in many different colors. Your choice. Have a favorite color you would like? The metal could be silver or gold, also as well as the Antique Bronze..
Now when you cut the wire to make the earrings, it is a good idea to cut more than you think you will need.
But, not wanting to waste the extra, I started swirling the left over pieces. And here is the results.
Nice variation for those who like smaller earrings.
Here are the twisted wire earrings that I made. (Busy this week, no?)
The beads are blue tear drop shaped with a flower design you really can't see in the picture.
And last but not least, twisted wire with pretty faceted black crystals.
I've added these to my web site and you can see them there with more information about them (size, price etc.)
Let me know how you like the new earrings
Until next time,

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