Tuesday, August 28, 2012

(almost gone)
It seems as if I've almost taken the summer off - in jewelry designing/making anyhow.
You've heard about our camping, weekend ballooning and our family reunion. New jewelry pieces - not so much.

(Do notice the moon in the picture)
This summer, I was able to find a new place to sell my wares in New Hampshire. And that even was put on the shelf for about a week. I need to get busy. Yesterday, I spent some time deciding what pieces to send. Decisions! Price points? Something "different"? Can I make another one if someone should order what I'm sending? Oh, the decisions!
I need to write some good descriptions to go with the pieces since the people selling them really need to know that. Not my favorite thing to do - that and accounting. Not that I don't know what materials I use or how it is made but it always sounds weird when I start writing. I, as Nike says, need to "Just Do It"
Segments of Chain Maille in the Byzantine pattern are made with 16 gauge Argentium Sterling Silver wire and separated by four Twisted Hematite beads. The bracelet is 7 1/2 inches long and closed with a Sterling Silver toggle clasp.
When you are shopping in a store and looking at jewelry, what kind of information do you want to know? Do you want to know the materials, the method used to make the piece? eg.hematite beads and Chain Maille or Kumihimo? Would you want to know something about the designer? Something else?
I also, think I'll send some of the Glass Dome Pendants. (Good price point) I would appreciate some suggestions of the choices that you think would sell well. Check out the available designs and let me know what you think I should send.
I really would like to know what you think. Thanks for any input you can provide.
Until  next week,

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