Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Balloon Rally Part 2

Balloon Rally
Part 2
We just returned from our Balloon Weekend trip. (If you missed the slide show from last week's post you can still see it here.)
We had a great time. Only one of the 4 flights was canceled due to bad weather and that was not really "bad" - just too windy for flying,  plus there were a few thunder storms in the larger area. ;-)
Here is a picture from Friday evening. See the full moon right behind the smaller appearing balloon on the right?
On Sunday morning, most flew but our pilot was not too happy with the winds up high and we elected to stay on the ground for a change and just watch. That is a view we often don't get as we are busy setting up, "chasing" and folding up the balloon. I think our pilot really enjoyed watching others.
I was able to get some great pictures, especially of the balloons hovering over the Suncook River next to the field. A skill that pilots love to try is called "kissing" the water. You try to get as close or even touch the water without getting too close.
Here is a close up of the balloon over the river. You can see some of the ripples showing he "did it" just as he approached the bridge in time to rise over the bridge (plus the reflection of the balloon in both pictures).
This balloon is named "Unnamed" and the pilot is Paul DePew from Litchfield, ME. We never figured out if the balloon was really named "Unnamed" or if the balloon really did not have a name.
One other nice thing that happened. My sister-in-law took me to the Barnstead Community Market. They have only been open for 3 months but have a very nice collection of local crafters. Now, they have local vegetables, too. Long story short, even though I'm not local they liked my jewelry enough to give me an application to have some of my pieces in the store. (I had my handy-dandy Ring by Ring Designs bag in the car)
Yay! So, I'll need to get busy making some new things to send up to NH. They are located right off busy Rt 28, the road leading to Lake Winnipesaukee.
Until next week,

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