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Fall Panton Colors

Fall Pantone Colors

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September 4,  2012
 Fall Pantone Colors
In the past I've featured the current Pantone colors for the current season. Well, Fall is almost here and school has started. So, here are the latest Fall Pantone Colors.
They feature some versatile neutrals and add some bold hues that they hope gives something for everyone.
One of the nice neutrals is called French Roast. They suggest it as an alternative to black and classic fall colors of charcoal grays.
They refer to it as "rich and robust".
I love the words used in talking about fashion.
Rose Smoke in another neutral refered to as a "veiled rose tone"
and Titanium the "quintessential cool gray"
Now to spice up things a bit, how about "Bright Chartrese"?
Or "Pink Flambe, a delicious vibrant pink with a bit of heat to it"
Now getting in to one of my favorite colors "Olympian Blue"
Tango Tangerine, the color of the year (You may remember from my spring post.)
is front and center.
Then another favorite color of mine, "Ultramarine Green"
You can see all the colors and read more about them in the "Magic of Color 2012" on the Pantone website.
I hope you enjoy hearing about the new Fall Colors.
Until  next week,

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