Monday, May 28, 2012

New Leather Bracelets

Leather Bracelets
Single wrap
You may remember the Frog leather bracelet I made last fall and gave to my granddaughter for Christmas. It is a favorite of hers, I'm told.
I had a request from a customer to make one that was similar but with a Turtle button instead. Always up to a challenge, I started looking for a Turtle button. After a few emails back and forth we found a cute one that would both work for my customer and work for the bracelet design.
Here is a close up of the cute Turtle. I hope her friend likes it too. (It was for a gift)
You can see more information on the website by clicking here or on the pictures
Then while on a roll, I made another turtle bracelet and one with some round Fire Polish beads with a gold and pearl button. Just another look in a single wrap leather bracelet.
You can see more information and pictures by clicking here or on the picture.
I have a violet leather bracelet started but I ran into a snag when I discovered that the thread I tried to use looks awful with the color of the leather. "Invisible" thread is not always invisible. So, it is on hold until I can get to a bead store.

No problem since there are lots of things to do. We are moving the living room "forest" outside this weekend. That means vacuuming under places that have been hidden all winter. I'm finding some formerly lost beads and jump rings. It amazes me how far those little things can travel!
So the Bird of Paradise plants (plus) will be outside to get ready for another blossoming season next winter.
You can find all these new bracelets on the Ring by Ring Designs' website.


  1. Beautiful bracelets! I did some leather jewelry lately, too, and have to try those woven bracelets. They look great!