Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oscars 2012

Oscars 2012
(Jewelry ???)
Did you watch the Oscars? I tend to get over ruled but I love to look at the Red Carpet dresses. Of course, I look for the jewelry they chose. Many only wear earrings and bracelets and not necklaces. Plus, I realize, most all jewelry pieces are "borrowed"
Here with Jay Lo, I understand why she did not choose to wear a necklace. It would be distracting ??? I do like this dress, however. Fortunately, she has the figure to carry it off.
Remember when they used to bring out handkerchiefs to be stratigically placed in in the front of low cut dresses. But I'm showing my age.
There were so many white dresses! One of the things I noticed was they had some trouble photographing the white dresses in videos as I do with my silver jewelry. All about the lighting!
Meryl Streep did not wear a  necklace either but did wear beautiful gold earrings to match her nice dress.
Gee, is that a good adjective, "nice" for a gold dress?  She joined the Green Carpet challenge wearing a dress by Eco Lavin and is totally Eco Friendly.
Of those that did wear necklaces, most were simple chockers like this one worn by Michelle Williams shown here in a her tiered frothy tomato-red Louis Vuitton gown.
Notice how they are always asked "Who are you wearing?"
Gwyneth Paltrow did not wear a necklace either. It really would have spoiled the dress style (In my opinion) But look at the stunning cuff bracelet. Again, another white dress.
Any one else wonder who the lady in black is, behind her?
Well until our weekly special on Friday and next Tuesday.
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