Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Ideas

New Ideas ??
(looking for suggestions)
Usually, it hits me in January. For various reasons, it took me until February this year to starting to look for new projects. Mostly because I've been working with Melanie on the new Lexie Jewelry, Wings of Hope pendant.
I'm amazed, sometimes, how long it takes to design a new piece. Gathering appropriate materials, getting a good price and good supply etc.
Anyhow, now I'm waiting for more materials and looking for a new project during the waiting time. I have several ways of looking for new ideas. The first one is to check out The Beading Gem Blog.
Pearl Blay, the very prolific blog writer of the Beading Gem, has some great posts about all kinds of jewelry.
She has featured Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry collection when it was sold for $115 million. She also has many posts about recycled materials. Some of those are nice and some not so much. Monday's post was about "Knitted Yarn and Chain Mixed Media Bracelet" This is the type of post that gives me ideas. Not sure if this will or not.
A few years ago, I my new project was chain maille, then the next year it was Kumihimo.
I still make pieces using those techniques. Chain maille has become very expensive to make any sizable piece.
So, this year, I'm looking for a new project that will be both pretty, popular and inexpensive.
Tall order, no? (That, of course, will be in addition to the Wings of Hope pendant, earrings and any other additions we come up with)
If any of you have some things you like to see me attempt, please, suggest away.
I'm thinking about making some personalized pendants. Personalize in "theme" rather than initials or names. Themes like music, Irish, school mascots and ??? Is there a favorite thing you would like?
I'm hoping to get some materials to get started this week. Maybe I'll have something to show you next week.
In the mean time, I'd like to have some of your ideas too.
Until this Friday's special and next week,
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