Monday, February 20, 2012

New Pendants

New Pendants
(Lots of choices)

You may remember I told you I was working on a new project. It has been slow and it in not, yet, finished by any means.

However, it is time to lift the curtain, at least a little bit. Mostly because I need input and help from all of you.

This is the first one I made. A Panda, inspired by my grandson's school mascot. The "Parkview Panda".

A little more description seems to be called for, right now, as the picture does not do the piece justice. The pendant is one inch in diameter with a ball chain of 18 inches. There is a glass dome over the picture that slightly magnifies the picture.

Obviously, at least to me, the chain can be changed both in length and type. For example, I could use the snake chain I use on the Wings of Hope and make it longer or shorter.

Here is another example for music lovers. (Excuse the glare in the picture
 - need to take more time for these pictures)

Here are some other examples. The four leaf clover for St. Patrick's Day, Ying/Yang, a horse for horse lovers and two that are just scenes. The "B" can be made in any letter and perhaps a different font, if desired. I just chose the "B" for Bev.  ;-)

And here are a few more. The paw print and picture of the "Huskies", also school mascots, the Chai symbol and one for "BFF" s. Always popular with kids.

So, now it is your turn. Do you like these ideas? Do you have any more you would like to see? The choices are almost endless. The only restrictions would be the one inch size and a picture that is not too detailed for the one inch size. Some of the ones I showed are maybe too detailed.

Drop me a note, please, with any comments.


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  1. Awesome pendants! I wonder if some of the detailed pics would look better in black and white. Or as line drawings/sketches. I love the letter idea.