Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More New Pendants
(See some new choices)
The curtain is lifted and more designs have been added to Ring by Ring Designs' Glass Dome Pendants. I've added them to the web site so you see them in the Ring by Ring shop
The "Parkview Panda" had been popular. It really is cute, isn't it? The price is reasonable at $15.00 each.
I'm also offering any design(s) as fundraisers to any one interested. Email me for information if you are interested.   bevcarlson@comcast.net
One of the new categories available is Japanese Calligraphy, with meanings. Very stylish.
Included are Happiness, Dream, Family and Peace.
(Note: the picture is not shown in the pendant so it can be seen better)  That is my excuse and I'm sticking to it! Really, it isn't square.
One of my favorite new categories is "Love Letters and Flowers".
So far,  Lily, Dahlia, Violet and Red Begonia are available.  I will be adding more beautiful flowers as time  goes on.

Later this week, I plan to add a new category for Sea Shells.
I'm not good about knowing the names of sea shells. Scallop is included (I do know that one) but the others have names like: yellow shell etc. Maybe I'll have time to look them up on Google.
Drop me a note, please, with any comments.  bevcarlson@comcast.net
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