Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Necklace Lengths


I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. We certainly did. One conversation I had with my sister-in-law gave me the idea for this post.

We were talking about jewelry in general and specifically why she doesn't wear much jewelry. She mentioned that all of her necklaces never seem to be the right length. Some are too short and most seem to not fit the neckline of her clothes. We both wear a lot to turtleneck shirts and/or "V" neck sweaters. I relate to her problem.

Do you??

So, I went looking for information on the various lengths of necklaces. I found a "definition" of the lengths.

The shortest, 16 inch, is aptly called "Choker" and falls just above the collarbone.  The 18 and 20 inch lengths are referred to as "Princess"  and are the most popular.  I usually use 18 inches for pendants such as the Ring by Ring Designs' Signature Pendant  seen above. Twenty-four inch is often called "Matinee",. Thirty is "Opera" and longer than that are "Lariats" or "Ropes"

Having said all that, the names and lengths vary and can cause some discussion - to say the least. But this is a start.

HOWEVER, it really depends on YOU! Everyone is different and a 16" choker on one person can be the so called "Princess" look on another. I know, on me, choker is just that, a real "choker"! Just as men have different neck sizes (shown in shirt sizes) so do women and it shows in necklace lengths.

You must also take into consideration, as I indicated in the beginning, what type of clothing you are wearing; specifically, the neckline. This explains why I'm not seen wearing the Signature Pendant often in the winter. (Turtlenecks, sweaters and 18 inch chains don't mix well for me)

I make the Kumihimo necklaces like the "Blue Diamond" necklace above in at least 20 inches (not including the focal Blue Diamond). It seems to just look best that way. But some people may disagree. What do you think?

Then recently I went to pflora beads for an Open Night of beading and learned how to make a "Lariat" length chain with decorated dangles. I've been wearing it almost daily ever since. This length works with my cold weather clothes. Plus it is fun to wander around a fully stocked store and pick out just what you like to make a new piece. (At home the searching is much harder) I do think I'll be making more of these. Any one else interested? Let me know.

Here is a close up picture of the "dangles". The possibilities are endless for the personalization of the beads added. Different colors, meaningful charms and on and on. Your choice.

The chain for this necklace is gunmetal and is really very nice. It is almost black but shiny.

So, do you have a preferred length for your necklaces? Do you like several different lengths? I would really like to know since it can affect things I make in the future.

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