Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Angels

Ring by Ring Designs'
Last week I showed you the start of the new ANGELS line at Ring by Ring Designs.
This is a one of a kind piece. It is a pin attached as a "tie tac"
I've packaged it on a card that reads "Good Friends are Angels on earth" Obviously the card can be removed if you would like.
There is only one, so if you would like this Angel, please let me know right away.
This sells for $25 but for my newsletter subscribers, it is on sale for $20.
Click on the picture for more information or to purchase.
(If you don't see this when you go to the web site - it means it has been sold)
But there are two more kinds of Angels
The first Angels are all crystal.
You can choose the color of the "wings" as well as the color of the "skirt".
Hung on a very nice 18 inch silver plate chain.  Click on the picture for more information or to purchase.
The second Angels are Birthstone Angels. One for each month.
This picture in Topaz for November. You can see all the choices on the web site.
Click on the picture for more information or to purchase.
Aside from making nice gifts, Angels are great accessory. A simple pendant that goes with everything from a fancy outfit to your casual jeans.
Angels signify Love, Hope, Gratitude and give Encouragement.Your Birthstone makes the angel personal.
Ring by Ring Designs' Angels make great gifts or just for you.
Contact me at with your questions/orders
While on the website be sure to check out the other new things I have added this week
Of course, you know that I have more pieces than show in my shop, so if you have seen something not there or if you would like something different, please contact me with your request.
Now, here is another offer for those who live near Easton. If you would like to have a home party, I'm willing to come to your house to do that. Also, if you want just a personal "showing", I can do that too. Need a lunch time "show and tell" presentation at your office/place of employment? Yep, I'll do that too. Just let me know and we can make plans.
Until next week,
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