Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Holidays

   OK, I can hear you now. "Gee, Bev, it isn't even Thanksgiving yet and we just had Halloween!"
Yes, I know but it really isn't that far from the holiday season and it really is easier to start early.
So, to help you all out  with suggestions, here I am to get things started.  ;-)

I'm setting up my shop for your Holiday Shopping.
As a Ring by Ring newsletter subscriber you are entitled to a discount. Plus, I've been adding new pieces to the Ring by Ring Designs store. Click on the picture below that interests you (or all three) to go directly to the store. Prices in the store are retail prices and do not reflect your discount
In order to receive your discount, however, please send me an email with your choices and I will let you know  the newsletter discount. If you want to order online with Pay Pal or a credit card you may do so.
However, I will need to adjust the website first. (I refuse to pay $17/month so people can get discounts) On the free shopping cart, I can not offer discounts but I can change the price so it will reflect the difference. ;-)

Contact me at with your questions/orders
Of course, you know that I have more pieces than show in my shop, so if you have seen something not there or if you would like something different, please contact me with your request.
Now, here is another offer for those who live near Easton. If you would like to have a home party, I'm willing to come to your house to do that. Also, if you want just a personal "showing", I can do that too. Need a lunch time "show and tell" presentation at your office/place of employment? Yep, I'll do that too. Just let me know and we can make plans.
Until next week,
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