Monday, November 2, 2009

New Metal Stamped Earrings

Last Saturday two of my beading friends and I went to Swede's Beads in West Bridgewater to take a class in Metal Stamping. We were given 5 copper circles to practice with and then we could purchase some other shapes and metals to use what we had learned.

You can see the picture of my sample pieces.

Hammering is a great way to get out some frustrations. The funny thing is that the first ones (top) seem more planned than the lower two where I was trying to make something. Interesting phenomenon don't you think? They just need ear wires to make nice earrings. Well, interesting ones anyhow.

I like the silver and copper earrings that I finally made.

They clink when you wear them. They are a little longer than I like but not too bad. I need to measure the holes better so I don't have to use such a large jump ring to attach to the ear wires..

They were all oxidized to show the the detail in the stamping. I think I should polish the silver a bit more but for a picture that is not a bad thing. (Not so shiny) I used my initials and a squiggle stamp. Then for "interest" I hit the silver pieces with the ball of the hammer. Makes dents. The oxidation makes them show a bit. On the square copper pieces I just made lots of hits with an "interesting" design.

With the "interesting" design stamp, I bounced a bit and liked the results, so I bounced several hits to make it look as if I did it on purpose. (I'll never tell that I didn't do it on purpose)

Anyhow, I've discovered a new technique and need to explore it more. Lots of different possibilities.

Next I'd like to make a bracelet with the squares and different stamps on each one. As with most new techniques, it requires some new tools. They are on order and I hope I remember everything when they get here.

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  1. Cool Bev!! Glad you are enjoying you new explorations!! Beth is a real sweetheart to boot! Always fun spending some time with her. I owe her a visit soon. Been quite a while since I stopped in.... Ann

  2. Oooh! Stamping is on my list to do so it was cool to read about your experience.

  3. What fun! Your earrings look great! So many possibilities with this new technique and I love your bracelet idea!

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