Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Japanese Bulls-Eye Earrings

I often surf the internet just looking for new ideas. The other day I ended up on the Blue Buddah Boutique website. (That is the one that I used for the Jacob's DNA Ladder necklace I made recently).

I saw a pattern for Japanese Bulls-Eye earrings that caught my eye. So I purchased the pdf file of instructions. (I admit, I tried to do it myself from the picture first - but gave up)

The instructions were good and except for the fact that I did not have the exact sizes of rings on hand, they went together fairly easily. I did not make them as long as the instructions suggested. I really don't like long earrings. So these are only two segments long and not three.

I can see that using the size rings recommended would have resulted in a better fitting pattern. This pattern is a bit more forgiving that some patterns are for that, however.

I was very pleased with the results. Tomorrow, I'll share the next step I took after learning the Japanese Bulls-Eye pattern. Stay tuned.


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