Saturday, November 7, 2009

New wrap bracelet(s)

I have a message in to my buddy, Melanie about this bracelet. We have a joke between the two of us about my "thinking". It is just one of those things we laugh about.

I usually say "I'll have to think about it" when she comes up with one of her new ideas. Or "I woke up this morning and I've been thinking ..." The thinking usually results in a new design or improvement.

This is a combination of thinking about a new design for a Lexie jewelry piece and my making a memory wire bracelet recently. See post here. Also, it uses several items I have on hand. (I'm not going to any more bead shows until I clear out some of my inventory!)

I had the curved silver plate tube and the silver Awarness ribbon all on hand. Of course I have the Lexie Swarovski pearls on hand as well as the Bali silver daisy spacers. It all went together fairly quickly once the idea was there. The only decision is how long to make the bracelet.

The above picture is just one wrap. It looked a bit "thin". So I made another one with three wraps. Actually, it is a bit shy of three full wraps so I may make another longer one. Here is the 3- wrap one:

What opinions can you share with these two bracelet? (I'll let you know what Melanie says too)

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  1. I vote for the 3 loops because it looks better with memory wire!

  2. I really like the bracelet. I have one in my jewelry home collection, but it is much simpler from the one showed here and mine without precious stones on it. Very nice post, thanks.