Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Finished Resin Bracelet

Finished Resin Bracelet
Well, almost anyhow. I'm not rally satisfied with all of the charms. I learned some things in finishing. As I added the final coats, deciding how much to add was one thing but the most important thing was to use enough light so I could see exactly where the resin was going. Sounds simple doesn't it? I do plan on tweaking some of the charms on a nice sunny day. Remembering to use good lighting while adding the resin.

I watched several videos from the lady who invented the brand I'm using.
I also did some searching looking for ideas of what to use in the charms. (The design aspect) Fun! I'm looking forward to making more.

Here is a look at the (almost) finished bracelet:


When you look closely, can you see the flaws. Mostly resin not going to the edges or not enough resin. But I really like it. I'm thinking that because there are endless possibilities
it makes a problem. Strange but true. So, any suggestions?
Here is another view:

Here is a close up of one of the better charms. I think it would look  nice as a pendant in a larger size. What do you think?

Remember Mother's Day (May 10) is coming soon. Here is a video I made with some suggestions.  Send me an email with any questions or to order.

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