Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Resin Charm Bracelet
Saturday, I spent about 4 hours learning a new technique (new to me anyhow) at pflora beads in Canton, MA. We had a lot of fun but I was a bit tired when I came home. I didn't finish  the bracelet but the charms were mostly finished.

Phyllis had many samples of what we could make to choose from and I chose the antiqued copper version. So, this is what I'm aiming for:


It has a total of 15 charms and other dangles. We learned how to make our own bezels from (in my case) copper wire. (A bezel is the frame that contains the resin) We made circles, ovals, tear drops plus some that were just free forms. (Though Phyllis insisted on naming them)  After shaping the wire I treated it with liver of sulfur to give it that Antique Copper look. I admit sometimes I wonder why people intentionally tarnish metal but it really does look nice. I do, though, hesitate to do that to silver. Maybe just me??

Here is a picture of the charms I made. They are not finished yet. More resin needs to be added to give it that "domed" look. Because we made our own bezels, they are two sided. The ready made ones you can buy are more tray-like and have a bottom. While double sided is a very cool feature, it takes more time. Plus I'm a slow designer, it seems. One of the other students finished her bracelet. It was beautiful and entirely different from the one above.


Here is a picture of the reverse sides, though it is hard to tell the difference in some. The ones that are dull looking don't have the final coats of resin and should look better when finished.

Since the resin is "cured" with ultra violet light you can use the little UV lights you see when you have your nails done. We used these but the trays only hold three charms. So, since Saturday was a great sunny day, we took lots of charms outside to cure. That is what I need to do to finish my charms. Unfortunately, according to the weather forecasters, it won't be sunny around here until Thursday. Oh, well, I do have other things to do..

Depending on the weather and other projects that come up, I may have a finished bracelet to show you next week. I'd like to know what you think of this new technique.
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