Monday, May 11, 2015

Rose Garden Collection

Rose Garden Collection
Collections seem to sort of just "grow" for me. Some are intentional and others just seem to happen.

The Rose Garden collection started with someone asking me to make a special-order gold filled medical alert bracelet. They loved the bracelet as I did but I had extra gold filled rings.

The "Flower Garden" bracelet used the extra rings. I added some Swarovski crystals (the flowers) and used my favorite Chain Maille weave, which is often called a Mobius. Three (or sometimes as many as 5) rings are woven together. You will recognize that as part of my logo and also my "Signature Pendant"

Here is my logo, see the three rings?

And here is the Signature Pendant (Also available in Gold Filled) Oh, yes, there are also earrings.

Click on the picture for more info.

The "Flower Garden" gold filled  bracelet looks great on my wrist.

Click on the picture for more info.

Because I had lots of copper rings on hand, it was a natural progression to make a copper version. Adding fall color Swarovski bicones, "Fall Foliage" became the  second piece in the collection. The original has been sold but I recently made one like it. (Never exactly the same!)

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Another special order resulted in "Coming up Roses".  The Swarovski crystals are "Rose"pink and clear crystals. This is also sold but I certainly can make another.

Send me an email if interested.

The snow in February and March was the inspiration for the next one, "Snow and Ice".

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If you want to see all of the Rose Garden Collection you can click here. (PS there is a new one called  "Blue Skies")

Plus remember you can always ask for different colors. For example, someone suggested, children's or grand children's birthstone colors.
Just let me know.


I made a new video of the Rose Garden Collection. You can watch it here. Remember Mother's Day (May 10) is coming soon.   Send me an email with any questions or to order.

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