Friday, August 23, 2013


Annual Hot Air Balloon Rally
(Pittsfield, NH)
Most of you know we sponsor a Hot Air Balloon every August in Pittsfield, NH. We make a weekend out of and include several family gatherings.
We have lots of good pictures of the event but still seem to take more.
That is my youngest grandson in the yellow shirt waving as they start up with a blast from the propane tank.
A trip to NH would not be complete with out a trip to the former family farm in Gilmanton.
The people who purchased the 200 year old house from the Carlsons, though they promised to restore it, actually ended up tearing it down and built a big brick house. Here they met the new owner.
The trip to the farm always  involves discussing where the original house was in relation to what is there now.  "Isn't that the tree that was in front of the living room window?" That is getting harder to do that since trees are getting bigger/older and some have been removed. Also, other houses are being built on the original property plus there are other changes.

This shows the pump, which in itself, draws great discussion (being original location - or not).  Here you can see the deep discussion about the pump location with my husband, his brother and the newest owner. This owner is very interested in the history of the property and was pleased to listen to the stories making everyone very happy.
We did have some good flights (except Saturday evening when it was too windy). Here is a view from our balloon up in the air.

And just landing "The Irish Rover" in a field getting ready to pack it up for the next flight.
A few years ago, I made a video of the "process" of launching the balloon we sponsor. You can see it by clicking here if you would like.

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