Monday, June 10, 2013

Four Things About Me

Four Things about me
(that you may not know)
Since I personally know many of you, these things may not be new to you. But I'll bet I can come up with something that you may not know.
1) When I was a senior in high school, I jumped into the deep end of the swimming pool and swam (on my back) to the middle, turned and swam back to the end of the pool. I haven't been in deep water since. I spent 4 years of high school (red cap and all) in the shallow end. My teacher decided I was a vertical floater but I needed to do that to graduate.
I was not allowed to go swimming in Lake Ontario (our only place to swim then) when I was young because of the Polio scare. However, I made sure my kids learned to swim. OK, I know one of you knows this story ;-)
2) Until we moved to North Easton, MA, I'd never lived any where longer than 13 years and most only 7-9. We have been here in MA for almost 32 years now.

We have lived in NY State (Rochester, Buffalo) Pennsylvania (Blue Bell, Downingtown) NY State again (Hemlock) and now Massachusetts. Now, many of you do know that.

3) My Mother made jewelry during the war to earn money for a vacuum cleaner. Her cousin sold them for her at Kodak Park where she worked. They were made from shells that she ordered from Florida. Here is a picture of a few I have. I know several of you know this, too.
4) My Mother and my Dad made jewelry in the 70's. My Mother used pearls to crochet necklaces and ropes.
Here is one of her pieces.
Dad made pearl pieces with one or two needles by stringing. One pattern is what I have learned is called RAW or right angle weave now. He kept on making jewelry even after he lost the sight in one eye due to diabetes.

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