Monday, May 20, 2013

Chicken or Egg?

Chicken or Egg?
 Which one comes first?
Jewelry people have a joke. It is simply called by the name "Beader's handshake" It is hard to put into words because it is a visual joke but here goes:
A Beader's handshake is when you walk up to another bedecked beader (often someone you don’t even know), stare at her neck, freely pick up the focal piece on the necklace she’s wearing, get a “wow” look on your face, look into their eyes, and then finally say “Hello!” and shake hands. This is really never acceptable behavior. But it happens all the time. Trust me.
OK, I didn't say it was a funny joke - but beaders get it and relate to it, immediately.

Oh, yes, the chicken or egg, which one comes first? Well, I really don't know that but it brings me to another similar question.  ;-)
Do you make jewelry to go with your clothing or purchase clothing to match a piece of jewelry you've made? In this case, it is both but most often, for me anyhow, I purchase clothes to go with the jewelry I've made.
With the change of season, I've been thinking about new kinds of jewelry I need to make.
In the winter, I wear a lot of turtle necks. They require longer necklaces to be seen. (Short necklaces sometimes don't even make it over the turtle neck). Thus all those plain turtlenecks I wear in the winter. They seem to "show off" necklaces better than busy print tops.
Spring and summer bring out crew necks and V necks and will show off 16 or 18 inch necklaces. For example,
Ring by Ring Designs' Signature necklace
Many times bracelets don't even show with long sleeves but some spring, shine with short sleeve blouses.
So, chicken or egg first, jewelry piece or clothing first?  I can only answer the second question = Both.
Do you have a favorite piece of clothing but no jewelry to wear with it? Do you need a new bracelet to perk up your spring wardrobe?
Let's talk!
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