Sunday, September 23, 2012

Designing a New Necklace Part 2

Designing a New Necklace
Part 2
Last week, I walked you through the steps I took to design this necklace and mentioned I had another necklace in the works. I have finished the second one made using the Chain Maille technique.
As you know, I love making Chain Maille bracelets and necklaces. I truly love the results. This piece started with a pendant as did the Kumihimo necklace I featured last week. Though, as I mentioned before, the real start was a new gray top I had recently purchased. The gray really needed some color. Silver Chain Maille does not add color to the piece. I needed to add some colorful beads to the design.
With pendant in hand and a Byzantine bracelet, I went off the bead store. When matching colors it is a must to have the pendant in hand. Not even across the store works, at least not for me. This trip was to Canton, MA and pflora's beads
With the help of Phyllis and her helper, I came home with two possibilities. The plan was to make some Byzantine segments and add a colorful bead then more Byzantine segments.
It took a few  minutes to decide I would use both of the possibilities in the necklace. It just looked right with both.
And here is the result:
Close up of the added beads and the
Byzantine segments. I use Argentium Sterling Silver. Argentium is tarnish resistant.
What do you think? Will it look good on my gray top?
Until next week,
PS I found my missing Bulldog clips! They were hiding in my basket of Softflex and wire.


  1. I wanted to create something simple in appearance, clean-looking in design, and interesting. I like it – it combines stack stitch and right angle weave, using just two colors. I can see the possibilities with color; I think black for the stack stitch part, and various brights for the right angle weave part would be attractive. Maybe even shading, with the center three-bead part of the right angle weave being a darker shade.

  2. Designer Necklaces, sounds like a nice design. Let's see a picture when you are finished.