Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Something for me

Something for me
When I make new jewelry pieces, I am either learning a new technique or almost always thinking of selling the piece. This time the set (necklace, bracelet and earrings) are made for me. It sometimes surprises me how that difference influences how I make the piece. It usually effects the cost of what I choose to put into a piece.
Now, don't misunderstand, I always use the best material. Argentium Sterling Silver rings for my Chain Maille, Swarovski crystals and the best brand of seed beads (when I use them).

It may be that I don't choose anything different at all when I'm making a piece for me. However, I do notice, I don't even look at the price of the materials when it is for me. Strange?
I showed you the necklace above last week and how it evolved. This week I made a matching bracelet and earrings.
  You can't see it in the picture but the color of the right earring is a bit different than the left. I noticed when I took the picture. No two of the beads are exactly alike on this string of beads but there is definitely more "green" in the right one. I think I'm going to make another pair with better matches. I guess it was not bright enough when I chose the beads for the earrings.
Here is the matching bracelet. I was quite lucky that the segments of Chain Maille and bead sections came out to my size bracelet. No fiddling to get the right length. Unusual.
I know I shouldn't worry about cost as much as I do. David Weiman, a noted "Psychologist/Consultant for Business Owners and Senior Executives" who has an extensive background in jewelry selling, always states that the price you charge for jewelry should never be determined by the cost of materials. If the jewelry piece "speaks" to a potential buyer, the price of the piece doesn't matter. Interesting.
I am pleased with the results of this set.  Oh, you could twist my arm to sell you these pieces if you would like.   ;-)
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  1. Beautiful! And sometimes a girl has to make something for herself. I'm making myself a handbag and chose the finest brown leather I have in my stash. It will be finished tomorrow.