Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Wandering Clasp

The Wandering Clasp

and other oddities

I chose my dragonfly pendant necklace to bring with me on vacation. The easiest way to bring it along is to wear it. So, I had it on during our trip and kept noticing that the clasp was always traveling down to the pendant.
Now, I've noticed this phenomenon with necklaces before. But what the heck? Why does this happen? I'm not an owl who can turn their head all around. When I turn my head to the left, I turn it back an equal amount to the right. Therefore, one would think, a traveling clasp would go first to the left and then to the right - equal amounts. But, no, this is not what happens. Am I sounding a little like Andy Rooney?  Anyone else have this problem? Have you ever been able to fix it? I kept noticing the clasp all the way down to Virginia Beach (our final destination)
I brought several jewelry projects with me to work on. The weather forecast was Saturday  through Monday to be beautiful and then Tuesday through Thursday to be rainy. So, the plan was to be on the beach or boardwalk early in the week and make jewelry if it rained.

(A view from our unit several years ago.)
I'm a people watcher at heart and the beach/boardwalk it a great place for that. This, I think, is one of the funniest signs I've seen in a public street. I expect you know what it means.
While sitting on one of the benches on the boardwalk I noticed:
Couples - some holding hands, some just walking, some running.
Runners were thin, usually with ear buds to listen to something; walkers were heavier and chatting with someone.
Then I noticed a woman looking intently toward the ocean and finally saw what she was looking at. Dolphins surfacing up and down by the fishing pier. They only come up for a few seconds so you have to be looking at the right spot. Obviously the fishermen and dolphins know where the fish are. They were fun to watch.
Since we are near the Naval Air Station we have heard lots of planes. The first two I heard really startled me and they looked like they were going to fly to Europe - due east.
I think we are right in their flight path.
This time of year they have the "Neptune Festival" here in Virginia Beach. We have been here several times and have seen the beautiful sand sculptures. This year instead of having them up and down the beach for all to see, they are in a large white tent and there is an admission charge to go in to look at them. $3.00 It is supposed to go to the "Arts". That is good but a little disappointing. Sunday was the last day. We have been wondering if they will take the tent down and be able to see them. They have been amazing in the past.
When we were here in 2008 we had a front row seat to the building of the sculptures. Some of you may have already seen the video I made about the sculptures. If not here is a link to it. Virginia Beach Sand Sculptures.
So, hoping we don't get too much rain but looking forward to work on those beads that have been staring at me.


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  1. I have that same problem with neclace clasps. I don't have a solution, but I hope one of your readers will, I'll check back later. Thanks For sharing. Cheers!

  2. Lori, Still haven't heard any solutions. Maybe there isn't any solution. Sure wish there was!

  3. There are only two ways I know to make a clasp stay put. Put it in the front :

    or make an all clasp necklace!!

    Love that no swearing sign!

  4. Thanks for the great comments, Pearl.
    I like your similar post, too.
    And make an all clasp necklace - too funny!

  5. As an alternative to the all clasp necklace may I share a tip that I have developed? I hate the wandering clasp so I add a 2 inch extender chain at the end of my necklaces with a small charm or bead drop at the end. It serves as a counter balance and keeps the clasp where it belongs.