Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The End of Vacation

End of Vacation

and other oddities

We ended our nice vacation at Virginia Beach on Saturday  and drove to my daughters in MD. But on Friday I turned on my laptop and it froze. When I did the infamous "control/alt/del" it thought a long time and then gave me a message "system failure" Yikes! This is much worse than a slow connection I had been working with all week. I shut it off and haven't opened it since. Figuring that it may go away. At least until we get home.  It doesn't owe me much but "Please let me get the information off before completely dying!"
I have not heard from anyone with a suggestion for the "wandering clasp".  Well, one, saying they would check back to see if someone had an answer. Maybe there is no answer.
I was able to make two, 3 wrap leather bracelets and one new project in Kumihimo while we were away, Unfortunately, at least so far, I have no new pictures to show as they are on my laptop. Both are sold already (yay! thanks). This one has been stored here in my iContact file. It's color is more "purple" than the picture shows.
One of the bracelets will be an anklet. Something I never think about as I don't wear anklets. However, my customer ask about it and voila I have an anklet. My sample really looked nice on her, just a little long so I made her's an inch shorter. Unfortunately, I can't get the nice "sun" button anymore; so this one has a nice jet black button. Buttons seem to be the problem material for these bracelets. Hard to find nice ones and if you find nice ones, you may not find them anymore.
Next week's post will be about the "new " Kumihimo" project. It really requires pictures to even start to tell you about it.
PS When I got home I was able to restore the computer to working shape. Now, I MUST back up MUST back up. (Before I wish I had if something else goes wrong .... goes wrong)
Until next week,

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