Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Life as a Jewelry Designer

The Life of a Jewelry Designer

at least this one!  

I was very excited late last Friday to receive my package from an online bead supplier. I had ordered some Fire Polish beads to fill orders for  some 3 wrap bracelets. I had also ordered some "Tree of Life" charms for some new projects and some great looking Magatama seed beads for a new design I saw in a recent bead magazine.
I unpacked the items and entered the information into my Jewelry Designer Manager software program. (Something I've made myself do lately as it takes care of my inventory and helps me with pricing. Tax time is much easier, too)
That took care of Saturday morning. In the afternoon, I went down to church to help a friend set up for Communion and she helped me get other things ready for Sunday. There went Saturday. Beads still looking at me....
Sunday morning, I awoke with a pain in my side. Something I had before and the Doctor I went to see said, she couldn't find anything wrong. Maybe it was something I had eaten - too much fat, spices etc.
Well, this time it  lasted longer and felt like it could be a bit more serious. I called  "Urgent Care" and the nurse told me that I should go to the ER. Oh, fun on a Sunday!  So we did. Bottom line, after an ultrasound of my various stomach organs, they didn't find any thing wrong. That is a good thing! I went home with some pain pills and muscle relaxants in case I needed them. Monday morning, I was fine!
On Monday morning I had a student coming for a private Chain Maille class.  Finally, glad to be doing something jewelry related. I really enjoy teaching and my student is a good one, just needed some help to learn the Half Persian weave. It isn't really very hard but is hard to start.
Even I had some problems holding the starting rings so she could see them. However, we finally worked through the various "problems" that come up learning a new technique.
You can see more about the Half Persian weave and more pictures at my previous post about the "Eileen bracelet"
Oh, I forgot to mention we are having our downstairs bathroom remodeled so our contractor was working here. Then the inspector came.  He carefully worked his way through the class room (aka dining room) to the bathroom. It took him longer to get to the bathroom than it took him to inspect. Yes, and our computer repairman was here along with my daughter and son-in-law. They took care of the computer guy. We just all had lots of fun.
I love my Life as a Jewelry Designer.
Now I need to gather up enough projects to take with us on our vacation starting this Thursday.  Next week we will be in Virginia Beach. Love VA Beach in October. Water is still warm and the beach is not crowded.
I'll get to work on those beads from the box I received on Friday. We have a nice balcony where we stay in VA Beach and it is very pleasant to work there while watching the waves.
We also will stop to see my oldest daughter and family on the way down and way back home. All in all, I'm really looking forward to a nice trip. We are fortunate to have my other daughter here to watch the house while we are away. I'm sure they also will like having the house to themselves for awhile.
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