Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene

  We were lucky!

Hurricane Irene as she was getting close to the US east coast.
I never got around to writing a post last week due to hurricane Irene. We, compared to lots of others, were very lucky. Around noon on Sunday as Irene approached New England,  we lost all of our Comcast connections. That includes Internet, phone and  cable
TV. We still had electricity, so things were pretty good. Just a little inconvenient.
Then on Monday, my husband and I went out for lunch. The weather was sunny and beautiful. The restaurant had TV and electricity but it was fairly empty. On our trip home we took  the longer way home to see what had happened in our area and noticed  trees down in many places. One in particular that was near a friend's house down the street had several utility trucks there. We stopped and talked to another friend and heard that everyone up and down the street was now without of electricity. (The rumor was that the electric company had turned on the current before they should have and blam!) So, now we joined the others with out electricity.
We gathered all of our flashlights and candles etc. The grandkids thought it was great fun except they had no TV. Somehow, no electricity makes for funny actions. When I went to the kitchen with flashlight in hand, I dutifully turned on the light switch. Felt a little silly but just as dutifully, turned it off when I left the room. Habits!
Do you have any stories of things you try to do when there is no electricity?
Monday evening, we all sat around a card table with a battery operated light and some battery operated candles while our youngest grandson read us a book. He even showed us the pictures even though we really couldn't see them. (He watches his teacher closely) His brother got very comfortable in a chair and promptly fell asleep. What a great evening all together - in the dark!
The next day, the kids took all their electronic devices with them when they went swimming at a friend's house. Their friends had electricity and they wanted to charge their devices. Before they came home, the lights came on here!  All was well. TV, phone, internet, electricity and we were back in business.
I had taken a class on Saturday before Irene and while it was still light on Monday, I started finishing it. However, it soon became too dark. Sometimes, I need extra light even in the day time for some beading. This one was no exception.
Here is a picture of what I've finished so far. Looks strange half done.The base of the bracelet is Peyote. So, I was able to learn a new technique for me.  It was a fun class and I've been practicing Peyote since with a few patches made with some of my stash of seed beads. I'll have pictures next week.
Hopefully you all survived the hurricane, if you are on the east coast, and all is well with you, too, where ever you are.
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