Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cleaning Silver Jewelry

Jewelry Care for Silver Jewelry

How to:  
Jewelry care for Silver Jewelry starts with protecting your pieces from things that will harm. You should protect your jewelry from scratching, chemicals, extreme temperatures, swimming pools and intense sunlight.
Sounds sensible, right?
You can clean silver jewelry regularly with warm soapy water. Rinse the piece well, pat dry with a soft cloth and polish gently with a jewelry polishing cloth. Making sure your piece is dry, you can store your pieces in zip-lock bags. There are even some zip-lock bags now with tarnish resistant properties and some jewelry boxes with tarnish resistant inserts. Just make sure the specific piece will not be harmed by water. I mention this because of all the leather jewelry, I've been making lately.
Silver Jewelry presents special problems at times. Weather, especially high humidity, can make pieces tarnish quicker. The atmosphere in beauty salons will quickly tarnish silver.
(I have a recipe for cleaning copper. If you would like the recipe, let me know)
Most all of my silver pieces use Argentium Sterling Silver. Argentium Silver tarnishes very, very slowly. All Sterling Silver must contain 92.5% silver. Refined 99.99% silver or Fine Silver, is very soft and not used in pieces that get a lot of wear. (Fine Silver does not tarnish) Regular sterling silver has copper added to make it harder, which is the reason for the tarnishing. Argentium Sterling Silver adds Germanium to replace some of the copper.  This addition slows down the tarnishing. 
In addition to using Argentium Sterling Silver, all my silver pieces are tumbled for several hours to make each piece shine brilliantly.
Then washing with soapy water if the piece gets sticky or with just general wearing usually will keep your piece shining nicely for a long time. Remember to store properly.
You can read more about  Argentium Sterling Silver on my website.
If your pieces get tarnished such that washing will not work any more, I'll be happy to tumble them for you. The difference is really amazing.
There are many "dips" available, also,  to remove tarnish. I have a jar and use it occasionally.  The thing to remember about dips is that they remove the tarnish chemically and thus take away some of the silver. Other methods should be tried first. Sometimes just polishing with a silver cleaning cloth will be sufficient after soap and water. Never use dips on silver plate jewelry. (I dip my thin silver chains as they can get tangled when being tumbled)
I hope this information was helpful. If you have any questions about cleaning jewelry be sure to ask.
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