Monday, February 8, 2010

Parallel Rose Pendant with copper rings

I love to make Chain Maille. I especially like it when I make something different. This pendant is about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. It really is not new. I teach a class at Beadcache in Mansfield, MA on a similar pendant.

Both are made from the Parallel or Helm weave. It makes a nice bracelet too. By making a piece long enough and then joining the ends, you get a nice pendant.

With the new design, I added twisted copper rings for color and used the large rings I had left over from the Emerald Isle bracelet I recently made. I love to use left overs. It was a bit challenging to get the right size rings to go with the large ones and I had to add a middle size ring in the center to stabilized the whole thing with very small connecting rings.

I really have not decided on a chain to use yet. I had a nice silver chain that shows in the picture but I'm thinking about a black cord or maybe a leather cord. Somehow the thin silver chain does not seem in proportion with the large pendant. Maybe a thicker silver chain? Oh, the possibilities.

Any suggestions?

B and


  1. I love the helm weave in two different metals!

  2. In my eyes the pendant would look good on a leather cord, maybe even a braided one, like the cords used in bolo ties. A thicker silver chain would take away too much attention from the pendant.