Friday, February 5, 2010

Jens Pind Chain Maille Bracelet

Jens Pind has the reputation of being a challenging weave to learn. In reality it is a simple spiral with a small aspect ratio. A fancy word for a small hole in the ring. Without a small aspect ratio the weave unwinds and isn't pretty.

I had ordered a tutorial and rings for Jens Pind from Urban Maille awhile ago. I still have the beautiful bracelet I made. I decided recently to make one with smaller rings. The first one was made with 12 gauge rings. (Check out my previous post about it) Beautiful but heavy. I even had the appropriate ring sizes on hand.

I hunted for the tutorial with no luck. It is no where to be found. So, I checked out the Internet for tutorials and found a few but neither, though very clear ;-), helped me to get the weave. So, I decided to try on my own using the "just a single spiral" definition. To my surprise, with a few false starts and back ups I had made a Jens Pind bracelet. See the above picture.

I really like it. Goes with everything and is special with the little heart I had in my stash of supplies.

THEN, a friend wanted me to show her how. We worked a bit here at my house while doing other things but she said when she go home couldn't do it. Just didn't "get it". I offered to come over tomorrow to help.

I had some left over 12 gauge rings and last night I started a small chain. No problem. HOWEVER, today, I decided I'd start another piece so I'd be sure I could show her. I couldn't do it for the life of me. I looked up the online tutorials again and still no go. I tried the 16 gauge. No luck. I put it aside and this afternoon, success. I'm determined to really learn how to do this weave! ! !

I now have about 3 - inch long pieces. Starting is the hardest part so I started several pieces.

I'll soon have lots of Jens Pind earrings on hand!

It may be a mental thing. You know if you think it is hard, it is. But I don't know. The reputation may be very true.

Any of you had good luck making Jens Pind?

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  1. I read that Scott Plumlee has a new Jens Pind tut on his homepage, but didn't have a look at it so far. Jens Pind seems to be tricky, but I mastered Half Persian, so who's gonna stop me? ;-) Off to search for the right jumprings!

  2. I have an idea how to start it but haven't tried it yet to see if it will work!!

  3. Kokpelli, Since this post I think I have it. It really is a mental thing but I think I remembered the secret from Urban Maille. I'm producing now. Scott Plumlee's tutorial was one I tried. Great pictures and good instructions. I think I was getting confused with the different ways to do the weave, however.

    Pearl, it is worth trying a very nice weave. Sure would recommend Urban Maille's instructions though.

  4. Any chain maille looks hard to me, but this look even more hard because of the small aspect ratio. Holy cow. Great job!

  5. What size did you decide was best for Jens Pind? I have some 16g. 4.5m. Is that to big? Would it make it too loose?

  6. Anonymous, Yes 16g/4.5mm is too big. 16 gauge / 3.5 mm works best. I've use up to 16 g /4.00 but I prefer the 3.5 or 3.75.